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By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

Welcome to your new home for
Ark Survival Evolved Gameplay

The clusters hosted by Triggered Ark are designed with our community in mind. With an extremely active Discord server you will enjoy community among your friends and rivals.

I, (GeezerGamer/GG - The admin) do not play the PVP environment with the exception of building small bases away from the normal base spots solely as targets for you to raid and for me to test settings to ensure balanced gameplay from the plugins and mods. 

I offer support for issues both in game and in Discord in the Discord Server under the #tickets channel. I promise quick turnaround and as the platform grows other staff will be brought on-board to assist as well. All governed by the same rules. No PVP from any Admin/Staff will ever occur. Furthermore I am at-able (@geezergamer) in Discord as well as my DMs are always open for Private Issues. 

The Subscribers are counted as Members of the Cluster in which they have Membership on. This Membership entitles them to have a vote in our Council Hall meetings for that Cluster to guide the culture of the cluster as a whole. While the whole player base can make Suggestions in #suggestions those are then taken before the Council of Members to be decided upon. My vote acts as a tie-breaker and I have a "That's not possible override for Game-Breaking issues or Technical Impossibilities", 
-Membership can be obtained by clicking the Webstore button at the top right hand side of the page.

This platform will always be a free-to-play server.

The servers are hosted in Texas, USA on exceptional hardware and managed by myself who has 24 years in the IT industry in almost ever facet that defines that career. 
The servers are Steam based and not CrossPlay because I use Mods to enhance gameplay which is not always possible by backend plugins. I try to keep the mods at a minimum however to maintain quicker connections and less client side lag for you. 

Currently the only cluster online is the NoWipe 25x Boosted and Modded Cave PVP Cluster but in the works in the very near future is a NoWipe PVEPVP Cluster which will offer the sanctuary of PVE but have PVP ONLY when/if you choose to participate in it *More to come on this*.

All maps on any cluster will have the Modded Cave extensions installed.