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By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

No Wipe PVP Cluster


Global Chat

Transfer Helper

Turret Filler Command

Voting with Rewards

Full Cluster All Maps

6 Man Tribes
25x XP & Harvesting

Super Fast Breeding

S+ Structures

Dino Storage v2
Auto Engrams

Points Shop

Tribe Log Relay

7 Days New Player Protection (Structures Only)

MAGA ORP (24 Hours)
3x Turret Damage
80% Structure & Dino Damage Reduction

Active Discord Community

Players Online
 Discord (Global) #players-online /players in game (Map)

Online Shop

Active Admin

Cluster Map Steam Quick Links

Manual Links

?How do I add Manual Links? -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH-AOD9QBSY
Ragnarok: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27015

Gen2: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27017

Fjordur: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27019

Lost Island: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27021

Genesis: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27023

Crystal Isles: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27041

Valguero: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27027

Center: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27029

Extinction: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27031


Scorched Earth: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27035

Island: nowipepvp.triggeredark.com:27037